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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  July 10, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. we begin with the latest on israel's gaza offensive. more than 30 palestinians are reported to be killed during the first day alone. until now, most of the dead have been civilians and palestinian medical sources say more than 500 have been injured. in one aerial attack on a southern gaza town of units, a people from the same people were fat -- were killed in the early hours of the morning, five of them children. the israeli defense minister said today there are long days , and meanwhilead
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rockets continue to rain down on the israeli cities of tel aviv and jerusalem and further. so far, no fatalities. all serious injuries are -- or serious injuries on the israeli side. in gaza city with the latest. >> you can probably see around how absolutely no one is in the streets of gaza. this is the busiest -- one of the busiest avenues, one of the most densely populated place on earth and it is completely empty. it is very unusual for this base, especially given that it is ramadan time, the holiest month in the muslim calendar. people usually come out in the evening because temperatures are festiveler and it is a atmosphere. that is usually what happens out here, but right now, people very much to think to stay indoors, very anxious, scared, and electricity is missing. a lot of people have to like their houses with candles.
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i saw people earlier during the daylight hours rushing out in between raids to stock up on basic goods, such as bread. many palestinians also telling me that the psychological ward has -- war has also begun because the israeli army has, according to these people, been theing out text messages to thousands of residents in the palestinian enclaves, telling them to stay away from those who shoot rockets, because the houses of the shooters will be destroyed. in the biggest hospital in the palestinian enclave. he was standing by his severely wounded son and he was explaining to me that his son had picked up the phone a little bit earlier during the day and it was the israeli tell services on the phone and they warned him to leave the house immediately because it was going to be targeted and his son begged for
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a few minutes to blow up the -- pull out the women and children in the house, but before he was able to do that, the first missile struck that house even before he was able to hang up the phone. >> israel's anti-defense missile shield known as the iron go has been in operation -- iron dome has been in operation for three years now. what exactly is it and how does it work echo claire williams asked how does it work? claire williams tells us more. but this is an antimissile battery on the outskirts of tel aviv. israelne of seven across and can be moved between locations. it makes up part of the iron dome rocket defense system, designed to perk hell -- repel rockets fired from gaza by hamas . as shown in this video, it is detecting an incoming rocket and protect its path. if it is heading for a strategic
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or inhabited area, missile will be sent to intercept it in midair. when iron dome became operational in 2011, prime minister betjeman not, you -- prime minister benjamin netanyahu said it was a game changer. >> this is a technological achievement. it's the first time these types of the missiles have been intercepted by israeli technology. this technology was designed by grade in juniors and is operated is-- by great engineers and operated by very resourceful soldiers. >> it also has sirens in the towns targeted, so people can take shelter. in operation zero defense in 2012 when israel clash with, spank, israel had an 84% successful interception rate. the israeli arms manufacturer rafael develops the systems. it said iron dome is being
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improved to increase accuracy and the interceptor's range. the united states provided $235 million for iron dome research and development, and production. interceptor missiles cost $100,000 each. >> upping the pressure on the iraqi premier in the kurdish region. prime minister nouri al-maliki is said to be hysterical and unfit to govern. are accusations by humala key that the kurdish region is harboring jihadist militants. here is more. >> accused of harboring terrorists, nouri humala key, -- binary al-maliki, -- accused of harboring terrorists by prime they are firing
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back. >> we cannot endure anymore this kind of behavior. these kinds of statements. >> a move that could prove to be largely symbolic, since the absence of this block in the parliament could be yet another obstacle on the road to forming a unity government. the kurdish president called maliki hysterical and said these remarks were particularly hurtful since they had provided action for the iraqi prime minister in the past. now those civilians escaping violence in the north of the country are turning toward god taunus region seeking refuge. -- turning toward the autonomous region seeking refuge. >> we have helped them in times past and we are helping them again now. we have never harbored any terrorist, now or ever. >> but close to the region's
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borders, rebel attacks continue apace. the northern city of modal --mosul has been occupied from a month. a number of people have been killed by jihadist militants, but they are allegations that are almost impossible to verify. now they will fight back and -- in an attempt to rid the town of the insurgents. but now back to the conflict in gaza. in light of that situation, and urgent session of the un security council is being held today. the un's secretary-general ban andoon briefed the body said that civilians were the ones paying the highest price of all. the ambassador to the u.n. surprisingly had the sharpest criticism of all for the israeli campaign. any government perpetrating
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this action claims to be the only government in the middle east and claims to have the most modern army, even as the government is composed of numbers opened the -- openly advocating and inciting the cleansing of the palestinian people. more, we can speak now to france 24's correspondent jessica. tell us more about what the ambassadors had to say there today. >> both the palestinian and israeli ambassadors spoke at that security council meeting, .he emergency meeting ban ki-moon, of course, addressed the security council. he called for a cease-fire. you just heard the palestinian ambassador speaking there with strong words. he said that some 90 palestinians have been killed just over the last three days,
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22 of them children. and he said that just today, eight members of the same family had been killed in an israeli airstrike. he went on to add that even people in a beachside café had been targeted while they were watching the world cup. as for israeli casualties, there are none reported and two people injured. 440 rockets reportedly fired from the gaza strip into israel. the israeli ambassador went further. he really played a theatrical role today in the un security council. he played a 15 minute siren and asked security council members to imagine what it is like to have 15 seconds to run for cover when you know an attack is coming. theanted the members of
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security council to imagine the terror that the a palestinian -- and the palestinian ambassador had a response. he said, when an israeli plane is flying over and getting ready to bomb, there is absolutely no warning at all, and certain death. strong words today at the human security counsel. >> think you for that update. fateful --u for that for that update. days in ukraine, government forces have gained the upper hand in the three month conflict. a military spokesperson kiev say today -- said today that the army called a nasty surprise in of donetsk.ronghold >> bracing for the assault, pro-russian rebels set up a new checkpoint outside and ask, just kilometers away from government held positions. >> we build check point away from the city 20's pay the active -- the attack of the enemy -- away from the city to
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anticipate the attack of the enemy. >> they have planted landmines all around donetsk, and indeed, at least two soldiers were killed and six wounded after an armored vehicle hit an explosive device on the outskirts of the city. the rebels say they have blown up at least three bridges in an attempt to slow down ukrainian troops. the assault, they say, will only encourage more people to join their ranks. >> we will most likely face the same scenario as an slaviansk last weekend. they will surround us and shall. men if we lose one or three in the bombing, we will be joined by hundreds each day. troops received orders to hold back for now, in hopes a diplomatic solution will emerge in the coming days. dozens of rebel groups are gearing up for warfare. they have captivated the existence of about 100 armed
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groups, up to 4000 men. the bigger groups do not necessarily have control over the smaller groups. you can imagine a patchwork situation that creates. and the difficulty of getting to some sort of comprehensive peace agreement. >> on the ground, despite rebel claims, ukrainian troops said they were not planning on showing either city. casualtiesivilian would only fuel antigovernment sentiment. >> secretary of state john kerry and the foreign ministers of six world powers are headed to the austrian capital this weekend. these are talks aimed at striking a deal on iranian nuclear ambitions and are reportedly in a state of deadlock. with a deadline looming, significant differences remain. the west fears iran is developing a nuclear weapon, an accusation they deny.
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worst rift between berlin and washington in years, and now germany has asked the u.s. secret service's station chief to pack up and leave the country. there's an investigation into two separate claims in the time of just one week that america is spying on its european allies. this is the german defense ministry. local media reported prosecutors have searched the office and home of a ministry employee suspected of spying for the united states. >> i can confirm that the is lookingestigation into the defense ministry area of responsibility. i cannot go further into detail, but i can tell you that we are taking this case extremely seriously. is the second such case in less than a week. a former him for he and germany's bmd intelligence agency is being held here. the 31-year-old man was arrested earlier this month, suspected of
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being a double agent for the u.s. these are allegations the u.s. has not denied. germany's relationship with the u.s. is essential, but this spying row is causing strain. >> it is necessary to point out that this espionage act to the t causes it -- activity causes enormous diplomatic damage. >> washington has been pressed over allegations of espionage by the u.s. national security agency. last year, former agency contractor edward snowden leaked thousands of documents, detailing its activities, including that the u.s. may have spied on chancellor angela merkel's phone. launchedn, germany has an investigation and summoned the u.n. ambassador in berlin several times. merkel said if the allegations are true, it would be a clear contradiction of the suppose it trusting relationship between the two allies. the nominations of this
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year's emmy awards have been announced. a hot favorite is "game of thrones," which leads the back -- the pack at 19. it faces stiff contradiction -- opposition from breaking bad, downtown lobby -- downtown abby and others. a reminder of our top stories on france 24, a continuing deadly raid on gaza, more than 30 palestinians and among them women and children are reported to be killed in the course of today alone. kurdish leaders say maliki is hysterical and unfit to govern. he also say that they are boycotting the next cabinet meeting. and a deepening diplomatic rift after new espionage claims from germany to my asking the u.s. station chief to pack up and leave the country. time for a check of the top business stories.
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mark is carlson is here. let's bring back some memories, shall we? the eurozone debt crisis with your first story. >> worries about the portugal financial system have brought back the kind of market issues we got used to seeing a few years back. the stock markets have been slumping. this as portugal's biggest financial group seems to be in trouble. it is really at the heart of these concerns, the financial grouping. share training -- trading was as it hadearlier fallen more than 17% on the previous session. the central bank of portugal insisted this lender is solid. fromof the trouble stems the parent company of the spirit to santo international. company has suspended debt
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repayments and there are allegations it has been covering up a sharp -- shortfall in its accounts. and then onto its subsidiary, the portuguese bank i was talking about earlier. story, effect of this the entire banking sector took a hit on concerns of contagion here in portugal. shares were down almost 1.8%, for instance. int company owns a stake espirioto. remain in negative territory in the u.s.. the nasdaq is down 6/10 of a
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percent and the s&p 500 down about 0.5. the fear is that it could lead to a wider selloff after months of gains in the stock market on both sides of the atlantic. will keep an eye on that story, but next we will move to asia. india's government has unveiled its first budget since the election earlier this year, including more infrastructure spending and a pledge to open up the economy to foreign investors. the prime minister campaigned on a pledge to boost growth, fight inflation, and improve the lives of ordinary indians. josh hardy has more. , she has come to buy vegetables. with three children, she is barely enough to live on. the cost of everyday goods has soared in the past two years because of high inflation. high prices are affecting
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everyone, but what can we do? tell me what a poor person can do in such a situation? >> traders are also struggling. with people spending less, profits are down. like many here, he said business is not what it used to be. >> our business has been affected. in the past, people would buy two kilos at a time, but now only one kilo. >> the economy has expanded less than five percent the last two years. >> no more unemployment, infrastructure and government. >> he's promising more responsible spending to help cut government borrowing and opening up the economy to foreign investors. the emphasis on creating
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jobs rather than giving handouts. that tackling india's huge subsidy bill is paramount. >> we need to create jobs for people rather than subsidies. but the hope for those living on less than a dollar is that it will create a new budget. >> the world's second-biggest and biggest container companies are teaming up. they will cooperate on routes between asia, europe, and north america. the industry has been suffering from overcapacity and i have gross. -- and lack of growth. burberry has the reported strong sales, but the pound was at this year's profits. the british company sold luxury june forween april and
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around 465 million euros. it thinks stromberg growth in their rivals and currency issues put pressure on their shares. an global demand for oil will increase next year, and for the first time in a few years, developed economies will be the driving force. that is, according to a forecast from opec. the economic group has put pressure on demand in developed countries since 2010. that is the business news. back to you. >> thank you for that update, marcus carlson. web news is next. >> welcome to the web news.
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show, up 10 -- on today's reaction to brazil's world cup semi final defeat. malaysia and ain roland trip around barcelona. -- whirlwind trip around barcelona. the web is abuzz with commentary sawhe one-sided match that germany against brazil seven goals to one. the range of reaction, some are simply euphoric, and others are despond and to say the least. there is a collection of sadness during the match and the final. the easiest posting on twitter #shameyoubrazil.
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clumped --l highly , for example. and the match has inspired all manner of montages and parities on social networks. andtions that mock result their performance, like this picture that shows the brazilian flag of the goal full of balls. the malaysian authorities are cracking down on business in the streets of kuala lumpur and have turned to drastic measures. they are looking to close all soup kitchens within a two kilometer radius of the capital city center. the minister of federal says those behind
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the initiative has threatened to thatany organization continues to operate the kitchens. he said they are spreading disease. he believes the homeless are less inclined to find work if they give them free food. many on has angered social media. some are calling on the minister to come and visit the homeless and witnessed the hardship. others have criticized him for suggesting a bond -- a band during the holy month of ramadan, saying he goes against the spirit of compassion. there are some reports that are positive, for example, this man says he feels sorry for the homeless, but suggest they leave kuala lumpur or if they cannot afford to live there. others say it is good that it has drawn attention to the plight of the homeless. many malaysians have and ash
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have misunderstood the reasoning behind the move, she says. it is not about stopping aid to those the thing on the street, she says, but directing charity through the proper channels to make sure it reaches those in need. ramadan is underway, and muslims around the world are fasting from dawn to sunset. thousands have been sharing their experiences on facebook, instagram, and twitter, using the ramadan problems #. many discussed feeling hungry. this one, for example, is drooling over a puff of paint. a filmmaker has first to -- has posted this two youtube, claiming it is leaked footage of vehicles at frankfurt
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airport. it has been viewed millions of times with fans very excited over the exclusive review. but it turns out the star wars film footage is, in fact, a hoax.
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07/10/14 07/10/14 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! when i received a document that approved i have been tapped talking to my client, i was shocked be on believe. it is like finding out there's a peeping tom. you just wonder, whatever -- what other privacy debate violate? >> "meet the muslim-american leaders the fbi and nsa have been spying on." among them, republican lawyer who worked for the department of homeland security, the head of


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